Do Outdoor Rugs Ruin Wood Decks? How To Prevent? 

Do Outdoor Rugs Ruin Wood Decks? How To Prevent? 

Due to their high water absorption capacity, outdoor rugs made of natural fibers will ruin a wood deck. The wood rots as a result of this release, which makes mildew growth simple. Due to their weather resistance, rugs made of polypropylene offer better decking protection.

So, how do you choose the right rug? The remainder of the article will continue to discuss that. The next time you step outside on the deck, hopefully, this will help you have a better idea of what you should do to protect your feet and the deck.

Do Outdoor Rugs Ruin Wood Decks?

Because they absorb water, outdoor rugs made of natural fibers deteriorate wood decks. Mold and mildew develop as a result of the high moisture levels. On the other hand, synthetic rugs made of densely woven polypropylene and recycled plastic mats provide additional defense for your decking. Thus, it depends on the type of outdoor rug.

What Kind of Damage Can Outdoor Rugs Do to Wood Decks?

The Bottom of the Rug Could Scrape and Scratch at Your Deck’s Stain.

Rugs tend to have scratchy bottoms, whether they are indoor or outdoor. All of the foot traffic will scrape your deck’s top if you continue to keep the rug on it. That will eventually begin to behave like sandpaper. This will eventually scrape and scratch the top and stain your deck.

If You Have a Bad Rug, the Dyes in the Rug Could Stain Your Deck.

A wooden deck can be destroyed by a light downpour and runny dyes. A few wet days combined with a runny dyed rug are all it takes to permanently stain your deck. On decks with light colors, this is especially detrimental.

Mold and Mildew Tend to Prefer Outdoor Rugs.

Between the rug’s base and the top of your deck, outdoor rugs still have the potential to trap moisture. (In actuality, they also retain moisture within the rug’s fibers.) Here, mold and mildew will develop and occasionally spread to your deck.

Pests Might Like Them Too Much.

The space between the rug and the deck may turn out to be quite comfortable. pests like termites or fleas. As a result, they might serve as havens for undesirable houseguests.

How to Prevent Outdoor Rugs from Ruining Your Deck?

Clean Your Rug Regularly.

You don’t want dirt, leaves, or other debris to gather inside or beneath your rug. To avoid dirt accumulation, give your rug regular vacuuming; based on how dirty your outdoor spaces get, once or twice per week should be sufficient. To get rid of any dirt, you can also use a broom or give the rug a quick shake. Remember to clean the area beneath the rug where leaves and other debris can collect and lead to the growth of mold.

Clean Up Messes as They Happen.

When a mess is made on your rug, you should always take quick action.

Dry Your Rug After It Gets Wet.

Although outdoor rugs are designed to be water-resistant, that doesn’t mean they are completely impervious to rain, snow, and mud. When you notice that your rug is wet, roll it up and place it in the sun or on a flat, non-wood surface to completely dry. Before putting the rug back on your deck, make sure both sides are dry. By doing this, you can keep your rug healthy longer and stop mold from growing within the fibers.

Don’t Place Your Rug on a Damp Deck.

The deck must be dry in order to accommodate the rug, just as your rug must be dry before it can be placed there. Placing a rug on a wet surface will only encourage mildew and rot, which will eventually erode the rug’s fibers and weaken your deck.

Clean Your Deck Regularly.

Your deck is no different from anything else outside that needs to be cleaned occasionally. Once or twice a year, at the beginning and end of your outdoor season would be great times to complete the task. Roll up your rug and give the deck a thorough cleaning. Check the condition of your deck while you’re at it, make note of any damage, and have it repaired before it gets worse.

Don’t Use Your Rug to Cover Up the Damage.

Outdoor rugs shouldn’t be used as a crutch to cover up splinters, rotten planks, and other unsightly deck components. Install a rug after your deck has been repaired if it is damaged. You’ll probably only make the problem worse if you spread a rug over the damage.

Do Outdoor Rugs Ruin Wood Decks? How To Prevent? 

Different Types of Outdoor Rugs for Decks

Polypropylene Outdoor Rugs

For a synthetic material that looks like sisal, polypropylene is excellent. This common material for outdoor rugs is stain- and fade-resistant. Additionally, it is very easy to maintain and has a comfortable texture.

Rugs made of polypropylene can withstand severe weather and keep the color of their designs for a very long time. They are also water resistant, which is the icing on the cake.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Organic materials make up natural fiber rugs. Although they give wood decks a wonderful texture, these materials struggle in humid environments. Consequently, indoor spaces are where natural fiber rugs work best.

Olefin Rugs

The synthetic material with stain and mildew resistance is olefin. On a warm, sunny summer afternoon, olefin rugs’ lightweight and soft fibers provide the ideal feeling for your feet.

Recycled Plastic Rug

For open outdoor areas, recycled plastic rugs are ideal. The majority of homeowners adore using plastic rugs to shield decks from harm brought on by large furniture legs.

Any outdoor rug placed on your wooden deck could lead to wood rot, which is expensive to fix. So you must stay away from particular rug materials. If you made the wrong decision, your item might become stained, scratched, or lose color.

How Durable is a Wood Deck?

Due to its hygroscopic properties, which allow it to absorb and release moisture depending on how dry the environment is around it, wood makes an excellent choice for decking. Decks made of traditional wood have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Do Outdoor Rugs Ruin Wood Decks? How To Prevent? 

Pros of Using An Outdoor Rug on Wood Decks

Protecting Your Deck

The sun and other elements are exposed to wood decks in unfavorable weather conditions. Your wood deck becomes vulnerable as a result of these elements. Your wood deck will be protected if you lay down the appropriate outdoor rug that is weather- and stain-resistant.


Outdoor rugs are a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your home without spending a fortune or committing to something as permanent as paint. Additionally, you can find one that perfectly complements your home in a variety of colors and styles. You can always find an outdoor rug that complements the design and aesthetic of your house.


The best outdoor rugs are not only fashionable but can also withstand harsh outdoor elements. Outdoor rugs fight off weather conditions like snow, ice, and dirt to keep your deck looking brand-new all year long.

Easy Maintenance

Decks made of bare, exposed wood occasionally require cleaning and maintenance, which can be exhausting. Who wants to make this kind of trouble worse?

Outdoor rugs are simple to maintain and don’t require frequent cleaning. As a result, maintaining your rug in good condition won’t require much upkeep or additional work from you. It’s easy-peasy!

Cons of Using An Outdoor Rug on Wood Decks

Uneven Coverage

Typically, outdoor rugs don’t cover the entire deck, especially if it’s a sizable deck or patio. Unfortunately, over time, this causes uneven fading or discoloration.

Breeding Ground for Wood Pests

For woodlice and wood ants, outdoor rugs can be the ideal environment. Wood decks are harmed by these parasites, necessitating expensive repairs or even replacement.

Do Outdoor Rugs Ruin Wood Decks? How To Prevent? 

Factors to Consider before Purchasing the Best Outdoor Rug for Wood Deck


It’s important to pick a durable outdoor rug material. An outdoor rug should be simple to maintain and repel pests and rodents that eat wood. In order to be prepared for spills, be sure to know how to remove wood stains from the rug.

The suggested material should be flame-resistant. Furthermore, it shouldn’t shed its fibers because they might make people allergic. The best outdoor rugs in this situation that fit this category are made of polypropylene.


Outdoor rugs are available in a wide range of fancy colors, patterns, and designs. Take a rug that matches your outdoor area as you decide which color best suits your personal preferences and style.

Bright colors give your decking area an airy, welcoming appearance, but they are also very easy to dirty. Contrarily, muted hues make an area feel cozier and cover stains and dirt.


Utilize your available funds. Maintain a balance between cost and quality. Pick an inexpensive, high-quality outdoor rug.


The size of your rug will usually depend on the size of your wood deck. To achieve a balanced appearance, the rug should be the right size to accommodate at least the front legs of essential seating furniture.


When choosing an outdoor rug, the weather is an important consideration. The best option is to purchase a water-resistant rug if you reside in a region that experiences frequent rain. We advise a heat-resistant rug for the sunny area.

For windy areas, on the other hand, a heavy synthetic outdoor rug is ideal to prevent the rug from being blown away by the wind.

Wood Board Spacing

On wood decks that have spaces between the wood planks, spread out an outdoor rug. It permits suitable aeration and drainage, which is appropriate for the durability of your deck.

Decks made of wood that have no space between the planks collect heat and moisture, which leads to wood decay. Therefore, it is not recommended to use outdoor rugs on such decks.

Will An Outdoor Rug Damage a Composite Deck?

Depending on the material, composite decking can be harmed by outdoor rugs made of latex, rubber, or fixed with accents and metal grommets.

For your composite deck, however, you can use rugs made of synthetic materials, grill mats, mats with vinyl backing, or woven rugs with colorfast fibers.

Known for its strength and resistance to moisture, composite decking is made of recycled plastic and wood fibers and covered in an outer layer to make it denser, stronger, and heavier than wood.

To preserve the integrity of your decking, you should always try to avoid accent rugs.

The Bottom Line: Always Go For the Best Outdoor Rugs For Wood Decks

An outdoor rug is an ideal choice for a fashionable and cozy deck.

Do outdoor rugs damage wood decks? Yes and no; most outdoor rugs made of synthetic fibers or polypropylene are suitable for outdoor use and will maintain the condition of your deck.

However, using other types of outdoor rugs can gradually harm your patio and deck.

The best outdoor rugs for wood decks should always be chosen, to sum up.