How To Clean Outdoor Cushions? A Step-by-step Guide

How To Clean Outdoor Cushions A Step-by-step Guide

Cushions add softness and style to outdoor furniture, but they also sustain significant damage from the weather. Knowing how to clean outdoor cushions and pillows will help you keep your seating area clean and comfortable because the fabric can collect dirt, debris, mildew, tree sap, bird droppings, and other stains from outdoor use.

So, how to clean outdoor cushions? You can try Hand Washing and Pressure Washing.

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Hand Washing: Clean Outdoor Cushions

Supplies Needed

  • hose
  • adjustable hose sprayer
  • hard-bristle brush
  • bucket
  • dish detergent
  • Borax

Spray The Cushions Down

Start by spreading the cushions out on a deck, driveway, or sidewalk. Avoid cleaning them on the grass to prevent mud or grass stains. Make sure the cushions are damp but not drenched by liberally misting them with water.

Mix The Solution

Borax and two tablespoons of dish soap should be combined in a bucket before adding water.

Scrub The Cushions

Using a hard-bristle brush, apply the cleaning agent to the cushions. Make a thick lather and scrub the entire area around the cushions. You might need to scrub more vigorously or use more cleaning solution on particularly grimy or mildewed areas. Give the remedy five minutes to rest on the cushions.

Rinse The Cushions

After five minutes, thoroughly rinse the cushions with a garden hose set to high pressure. Be sure to get all of the cleaning agent out of the cushions.

Remove The Moisture

To fully dry the cushions, press any remaining moisture out of them with your hands and lean them vertically up against a sunny wall.

Pressure Washing: Clean Outdoor Cushions

Supplies Needed

  • pressure washer
  • soap spray tip
  • hard-bristle brush
  • pressure washer cleaning solution

Add The Solution

The cushions should be spread out initially on a deck, driveway, or sidewalk. To avoid leaving mud or grass stains, avoid cleaning them on the grass. Next, add cleaning solution to the pressure washer reservoir or pour cleaning solution into the bottle using the pressure washer’s cleaning solution tube. Make certain the spray hose is securely fastened.

Attach The Hose + Check The Water

Turn the water on high and connect a garden hose to the pressure washer. Pull the spray gun trigger to ensure that water is flowing through the entire machine before turning on the pressure washer. You are prepared to turn on the pressure washer once water is freely flowing from the spigot to the spray gun’s end.

Clean The Cushions

Spray each of the outdoor cushions thoroughly after attaching the pressure washer hose’s cleaning/soap spray tip. Be careful not to spray too close to the cushion fabric; if you do, the pressure washer could harm the surface. Keep in mind to wash the cushion sides as well!

Scrub With The Brush

To help the cleaning solution penetrate the cushion’s fibers more deeply into tough stains, use a hard-bristle brush. Scrub any trouble spots with the brush following the application of the solution. Switching from the soap spray tip to the rinse spray tip after 3-5 minutes of letting the solution sit.


Once your cushions have had a chance to settle, use the spray tip to completely rinse the cleaning solution from each one. Back and forth from one cushion edge to the other, move the spray tip. Right before your eyes, observe the stains and dirt washing from the fabric! To avoid damaging your cushions, keep your spray tip about 1-1/2 feet away from them.

Remove The Moisture

Leaning your cushions vertically up against a sunny wall will help them to completely dry out by pressing any remaining moisture from them. Reinstall them on your outdoor furniture once they are dry and take pleasure in your recently cleaned cushions.

How To Clean Outdoor Cushions A Step-by-step Guide
How To Clean Outdoor Cushions? A Step-by-step Guide

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Keep Outdoor Cushions Clean

If you want to extend the life of outdoor patio furniture and cushions and keep them clean and fresh, cover them with water-repellent covers when not in use.

If the cushion covers have zippers, the Frontgate team advises opening them after a particularly heavy downpour and setting the cushions on one end with the open zipper or seam side up. The water is drained as a result, speeding up drying. Before reusing the cushion, allow the interior to fully dry.

After years of use and numerous cleanings, Frontgate advises reviving your cushions with a re-treatment agent like 303 Fabric Guard. Outdoor fabrics’ water- and stain-repellent qualities are restored by this spray-on solution.

FAQs About Cleaning Patio Cushions

How Can My Patio Cushions Look Brand New Again?

Integrated water, stain, UV, and mildew resistance is a feature of many different outdoor fabric types. But these remedies can lose their effectiveness over time. Numerous fabrics require routine re-treatment with a special fabric protectant, like the spray-on treatment 303 Fabric Guard. Ensure you first review the manufacturer’s instructions.

When Cleaning Outdoor Cushions That Are Affixed To Furniture, What Should You Use?

Cleaning outdoor cushions that are firmly attached to the frames can be a little trickier than cleaning outdoor cushions that are easily removed. Prepare a solution of ¼ cup mild soap in 1 gallon of warm water for these non-removable cushions. Apply by working from seam to seam in the direction of the fabric weave while using a soft bristle brush. Allow the fabric to dry after giving it a thorough rinse in warm water to get rid of any soap scum.

Can Outdoor Cushions Be Colored?

Depending on the fiber used in the initial construction, some outdoor cushion covers may be dyeable. Prior to attempting to dye the fabric, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Since synthetic fabrics make up the majority of outdoor cushions, a dyeing solution involving high heat is necessary. A dye made for use with synthetics, such as Rit DyeMore Advanced Liquid Dye for polyester, acrylic, acetate, nylon, and more, as well as a sizable pot to maintain a nearly boiling temperature are also required.

How Can You Reupholster Outdoor Chair Cushions Without Sewing?

There are several no-sew techniques for reupholstering outdoor patio cushions; you can create new covers for your old cushions using a glue gun, staples, or safety pins. Just make sure to buy fabric that is intended for outdoor use and get enough to tuck under the cushion for the safe use of pointy staples or pins.

How Can I Avoid Having My Patio Cushions Fade?

The majority of outdoor patio cushions are made from specialized synthetic fabrics that are pretreated during manufacturing to resist fading and the effects of prolonged UV exposure.

Final Words

Nowadays, there are almost as many options for outdoor furniture as there are for indoor furniture. The issue is that chic, fashionable, and sturdy outdoor furniture frequently has a high price tag! To extend the lifespan of your patio cushions and save money, establish a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule.

It can take a lot of work to prepare your outdoor space for the season (or to store it for the winter), but it will be well worth the effort. Maintain the condition of your outdoor furniture by using these cleaning suggestions and methods for patio cushions. After finishing, you can unwind with friends and family, enjoy a summer smoothie or some barbecue, and watch the twinkling stars.

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