What Is Unicorn Hunting? All You Want To Know

What Is Unicorn Hunting All You Want To Know

Unicorn hunting is where a male/female couple look to find one person who they can permanently invite into their relationship. They form a “triad” with the couple and the three people have group sex.

However, the couple is not looking to form a threesome with just anybody. A bisexual woman is what unicorn hunters are specifically looking for. This woman must typically be assigned female at birth, single, and equally attracted to both partners.

Typically, the term “unicorn hunter” refers to a straight-presenting couple trying to spice up their relationship.

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Is Hunting Unicorns Dangerous?

Couples objectify, fetishize, and place unreasonable demands on unicorns, which makes unicorn hunting dangerous. The unicorn is not given priority, and they deny them equal rights. Men can also do this without giving their women away to fulfill their twisted desires.

The unreasonable demands made by unicorn hunters are quite disrespectful to the animal.

The unicorn is supposed to be the couple’s only source of romantic and sexual interest. They insist that the unicorns only have romantic or sexual interests in the couple and no one else.

They believe a unicorn will be attracted to both equally and will be able to have group sex only once. Although the unicorns are present in the relationships, the couples do not acknowledge or accept it.

The couples’ primary relationship is always given priority. Even after adding the unicorn to the relationship, they want to “protect” their primary relationship. They will not allow the unicorn to step in.

Numerous other factors work against the unicorn. How more straight couples now look for unicorns is considered a cliché by the poly community.

There were obviously very few successful relationships between straight couples and a unicorn because of the strange fetishization of unicorns.

Furthermore, many relationships end after such agreements. People who identify as poly believe that straight men using this strategy to sleep with other women while keeping their women to themselves is selfish.

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How Are Unicorn Hunters To Be Recognized?

Look for a couple that is unicorn hunting on dating apps with a very detailed and clear bio. If the profile confuses you, stay away because you don’t have much time.

It can be difficult to spot a unicorn hunter. Many people use mostly female pictures and hardly any male pictures on dating apps to try to trick unicorns.

The Best Strategy For Finding Unicorns

Even though many people despise unicorn hunting, it’ll be fantastic if you do it correctly. This shouldn’t be a difficult quest as long as you approach it with candor and clarity, give yourself time to process your emotions, and treat everyone equally.

So, let’s get down to your mission here…

Choose A Proper Route

The most effective way to find unicorns is through online dating apps. If you look through your connections, you won’t get very far.

Imagine requesting a friend’s help in finding a bisexual woman who is interested in threesomes and receiving an awkward silence, a possible miscommunication, a rejection, and a distant friend in return.

You should keep your personal needs to yourself. It’s acceptable to not divulge everything to friends and family because not everyone is as open.

Be Obvious About The Situation And Your Needs

Declare your relationship openly and honestly. If not, unicorns won’t ever swipe you right.

Add it in your bio, relationship status, or write “couple” or “M+F” in your gender. Be sure to post both of your photos online.

If not, this will draw the wrong crowd and spoil your fun.

What kind of connection are you looking for? only sexual relationship? Or perhaps both romance and sex? Are you looking for a man or a woman with a penis?

You won’t have enough room to express everything in detail. To avoid confusion, be sure to include the appropriate details.

Chat With The Unicorn Honestly

Be frank about your needs when you meet someone on a dating app. Your dating profile is insufficient to express your needs. When texting, be sure to be clear about what you want.

What kind of dynamics do you want in your relationship, where will the unicorn fit in, and what other factors come into play?

The unicorn probably won’t agree to all of your requests. The unicorn also has rights of its own. Only proceed if you are certain that your needs are compatible.

It won’t be much fun if anyone agrees to an arrangement against their will. This is very important if you’re looking for polyamorous individuals. Choosing your boundaries now is the best option.

Meet In Person To Familiarize

It’s best to start out as friends before incorporating the unicorn into your romantic or sexual life. This might sound strange, but you must have some sort of ulterior motive since you met them on a dating app, right?

This is to make sure that everyone feels at ease with one another and that you all have a positive energy. This is an excellent way to get to know each other whether you want a threesome or a poly relationship.

Online personas differ from those in the real world. As a result, there is always a possibility that it won’t. Decide with your gut in a meeting rather than making an upsetting attempt in bed.

Don’t Forget To Rule With Equality

A unicorn is not a live enjoyable object. Don’t forget to please everyone in your threesome. The unicorn feels the same way that you don’t want your partner and the unicorn to only give each other pleasure.

You all deserve the same amount of love and attention from one another, even if you are in a polyamorous relationship.

Don’t concentrate all of your attention on your main partner. In these types of arrangements, it’s critical for everyone to be happy because resentments can otherwise develop.

What Is Unicorn Hunting All You Want To Know
What Is Unicorn Hunting? All You Want To Know

What Is Unicorn?

The third person that couples add to their relationship for sex or romantic fun is a unicorn. People often assume unicorns are bisexual women, but anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, could be one, depending on their desires.

Third parties who join a couple for sensual pleasure or romance are known as unicorns in relationships.

To explore non-monogamy, sexual relationships, or even romance (polyamory), a couple may decide to bring a unicorn into their relationship.

The term unicorn typically describes a bisexual person, i.e., if they join a male-female couple.

However, there are no longer any restrictions on unicorns’ sexuality. Any person today, regardless of sexual orientation, can be a unicorn.

Of course, this unicorn has nothing to do with the white horse with a single horn from fairy tales. Because relationship unicorns are elusive, people refer to them by this term.

Do you ever wonder why a unicorn would be added to a relationship? Let’s know it over here…

Why Do Some Relationships Want To Locate A Unicorn?

Discovering a unicorn can have many different causes. From an interest in threesomes and adding fun to exploring polyamory or triple relationships. Some even do it to get acquainted with a unicorn and explore their emotions.

Each couple has their own goals in mind when looking for a unicorn to commit to them. More explanations than we can fathom may exist.

Curiosity and the controversy surrounding ethical non-monogamy may lead them to try a threesome once.

Or they might alter their relationship dynamic permanently. There could be a romantic connection or it could just be for sex., polyamory or throuple.

Additionally, it depends on what the unicorn requires.

Relationships that last a long time can become monotonous. So, it could be that the couple wants to add some play and naughtiness to their relationship.

Couples might also look for a unicorn because they want to get to know them well before inviting them to bed.

They take some time to get to know each other because they might be uncomfortable having a sexual relationship with a total stranger.

Do you know if this search has a name? There sure is… and that’s what we’ll know about here…

Polyamory And Swinging Versus Unicorn Hunting

Unicorn hunting is distinct from polyamory and swinging in that the former entails people engaging in multiple intimate relationships with the consent of all parties, whereas the latter refers to couples exchanging partners with another couple. Because they encourage consent and transparency from the beginning and the power doesn’t just reside with one set of people, polyamory and swinging are firmly established as legitimate alternate lifestyle choices in contrast to unicorn hunting. Unicorn hunters, also known as unicorn poachers in the swinging community, are couples who attempt to separate a woman from her partner in order to have sex with just her.

Sexualising Bisexual Woman

I invited a number of sex-positive Reddit groups to the conversation in order to better understand unicorn hunting. One user succinctly summed up the frustration of being ‘tricked’ on dating apps: “At least 50% of the profiles I see on Tinder when I have it set to only show women are those of couples looking for threesomes. Now that I hardly ever swipe right on anyone, some of the few matches I do get are still women who are hiding the fact that they are dating men. Honestly, it used to be frustrating, but now I’m just exhausted”. Another user made an interesting distinction between unicorn hunters and unicorn “retrievers”. “These women are frequently not even unicorn hunters, I’ve discovered. They’re just retrievers out playing fetch for their predatory men,” she says.

LGBTQ+ activist Harish Iyer opines that instances of heterosexual couples seeking bisexual women in order to spice up their sex lives are “way too common”. The top five search terms in India in 2017 were “lesbian,” “threesome,” and “lesbian,” with lesbian ranking as the top search term globally. Dr. Laurie Betito, director of the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Centre said, “Since the dawn of time, lesbians have been the object of men’s greatest fantasies. For the men that are not likely to ever have a threesome with lesbians, unicorn hunting is an ideal way to live out their fantasy”.

Do Unicorn Hunts Result In Bi-erasure?

While the majority of Redditors agreed that bisexual women are fetishized by unicorn hunting, some people believed that this practice did not necessarily amount to bi-erasure. “They are not erasing the bisexuality, they’re elevating it to an ideal—an ideal that rejects straight women in favour of bisexual women”, one person commented, while another said, “It is problematic that queer women are expected to serve a couple’s fantasy rather than to have equal power and freedom. It’s often also performative for the wife who is buying into the same dysfunctional system, but it doesn’t erase bisexuality”.

Vatsalya disagrees, though. “The erasure of bi folks is real,” she declares. “In addition to having a willingness to experiment with women in order to satisfy the male gaze, bi women are frequently fetishized, commercialized, and hypersexualized as people with a primary attraction to men. There appears to be a preference for cis women since the man still needs to pass as hetero when unicorn hunting and being with two women actually enhances his manhood. Due to the pervasive transmisogyny and transmisia, trans women experience violence in these circumstances.” Another issue is the complete exclusion of nonbinary bisexual people from this story.

Why Unicorn Hunting Doesn’t Work

Imagine that you met A and you two hit it off. You got along well, shared a lot of interests, and believed your friendship would last a lifetime.

Unicorn hunting is a practice that is strongly discouraged in the poly community, but it is sadly surprisingly prevalent among those who are new to polyamory (read: I am literally inundated with posts about it every single day). Essentially, it’s what happens when a couple (usually a man and woman) seek out a “third” (usually a bisexual woman) to “add” to their relationship, where the couple is non-negotiably a package deal – the unicorn must date both of them, or neither of them – and usually with the additional demand that the unicorn must be exclusive to the couple to form a closed triad.

The immediate issues with this arrangement should be clear to you: unicorn hunting puts The Couple™s safety and security first while shifting all the risk to the poor unicorn. The unicorn is discarded the moment she doesn’t live up to The Couple’s expectations, the moment she begins to cause conflict and jealousy in their relationship. The privileged couple simply shrugs and moves on to the next person, leaving the unicorn alone to deal with two breakups that were no fault of her own.

The point is, unicorn hunting rarely works out long term, because a lot of new couples end up treating the unicorn like an object – not respecting her as an individual, demanding that she forgo her own boundaries to submit to the needs and expectations of The Couple™, and only seeing her in terms of how well she can “fit” into the existing relationship. In practice, the unicorn is discussed as a fantastical idea, but reality frequently falls short of expectations because, when you put it into practice, you are literally dating a living, breathing human with needs and expectations of her own, which may conflict with what you want either initially or later on down the line. Simply put, because she is a person as well, a new partner is not someone you can simply slot in there comfortably. And she is not “joining” anything, but rather creating two (yes, two) brand new relationships with each of you, not a single relationship with The Couple™.

Final Words

Both the hunters and the unicorns themselves find unicorn hunting to be a difficult endeavor. Finding the ideal unicorn from a couple or the ideal unicorn in a pair are difficult tasks.

The main reason for this is that most people’s searches aren’t transparent and honest. Sometimes people expect too much from unicorns. When they can’t find anyone suitable, they become disappointed.

Always be more descriptive in your dating profiles and treat one another with respect and consideration as fellow humans.

Being a unicorn, if you ever encounter prejudice, mistreatment, or emotional distress in the triad, give up. Make sure your experience is pleasant rather than stressful.

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